Caves of Scotland

Scotland has a fine selection of limestone caves scattered about, along with a number of sea caves, fissure caves and caves in other kinds of rock.

Plenty of caves have been known to locals for centuries and tales told of their use by fugitives or outlaws.

The large number of islands off the west coast of Scotland mean that a there are quite a few sea caves to be found. The most famous of these is probably Fingal's Cave on Staffa.

See the Map of Scotland for details of the major areas for limestone caves. See the Grampian Speleological Group for details about caving in Scotland.

Many of the caves in Scotland have Gaelic names. Read the notes on Gaelic names for a short explanation of their pronunciation and meanings.

Some of the caves in Scotland require rigging through the vertical sections. The GSG has produced a rigging guide (PDF; updated July 2009).

Peter Glanvill has some photographs of the caves, including annotated surveys of some.

Tony Oldham has produced a bibliography of caves in Scotland. See also the GSG library.

If you are interested in mines have a look at the bibliography of mines in Scotland by Tony Oldham.

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