Yorkshire Cave Areas: Gaping Ghyll

Gaping Ghyll is probably the most famous cave in Great Britain, being the deepest surface shaft into a huge main chamber. Every year on the May and August bank holidays there are winch meets when the general public can be lowered down and given a guided tour. Click on the small photograph to view a full-size version of a picture of the winch.

The most popular entrances into the Gaping Ghyll system are

LUSS published an article on some aspects of the development of Gaping Ghyll.

The following images may be downloaded:

An aerial view
of Gaping Ghyll with passages superimposed

A plan
of the Gaping Ghyll system, showing the Porcellaneous Band

A cross-section
of the main passages

A schematic section
through Gaping Ghyll and the valley

Arthur Vause has a photographic record of a trip between Bar Pot and the main chamber.


A permit is required before these pots can be accessed. It may be obtained by writing to Dr. Farrer, Ingleborough Estate Office, Clapham. During a winch meet trips should be arranged with the controlling club.

Most famous cave?

Perhaps Britain's most famous cave is really Fingal's Cave!

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