BCRA Cave Surveying Group

The Cave Surveying Group is a sub-group of the British Cave Research Association (BCRA).


The CSG exists to promote discussion, research, information dissemination, and practical help on cave surveying. This covers all aspects of surveying, for example:


Much of this is provided by the quarterly journal "Compass Points" which has news keeping you up to date on current issues, such as software releases, events, and current projects, as well as more general articles on surveying-related subjects.

Details of Ordering Compass Points

Compass Points is now available on-line, published somewhat behind the paper issue.

Field Meets

We also have biannual field meets to undertake experiments under real conditions, demonstrate and test new software and equipment, and discuss subjects of interest.

The next field meet will be at the South Wales Caving Club hut over the weekend 26th-27th October 2002. Go to The Field Meet Page for details of what will be going on. Field meets offer a good opportunity to meet up with other surveyors to discuss techniques and problems. Surveyors of all experience levels (absolute beginners included) are welcome to attend.

Here are details of some previous meets:
June 1997.
May 1996.


The focus of the group depends very much on the interests of its members. If you have a particular area of interest, then please tell us about it, and you should find an interested audience. Current areas of interest to members of the group are
Data Archiving, to try and reduce the loss of old survey data
Survey Software Development - a number of CSG members are developing software
Major survey, or resurvey, projects - OFD, Ogof Draenen, Easegill


The group currently has a committee of five:
Chairman/Editor - Wookey
Treasurer/Secretary/Journal mailer - Andy Atkinson
Webmaster - Andy Waddington
Publicity Officer - Anthony Day and
Technical Editor - Olly Betts

We are looking for anyone else who has opinions on how the group should proceed or would like to help.

To join, please contact the secretary, Andy Atkinson, asking for an info sheet by post or email. You can email him, or write to him (please enclose a SAE) at

c/o 31 Priory Avenue,

Details of subscribing to the group and receiving Compass Points.

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