Caving Articles in the News

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1995/01/16: Potholers drown in cave flood
1995/01/19: Ice Age menagerie found in caves
1995/02/09: Stone Age man warmed caves with coal fires
1995/08/11: Europe's first humans found in Spanish cave
1996/07/05: Caver rescued after breaking leg a quarter-mile underground
1996/07/11: British woman dies in French cave accident
1996/07/12: Potholers recovering 2,000 feet inside cave
1996/07/15: Last pothole flood survivor brought out
1996/08/05: Potholer killed in fall
1996/09/08: How stalagmites point to clues about climate
1996/09/09: Sea erosion fear at Pictish caves
1997/01/21: Computers map underground path
1997/04/22: Aboriginal cave art 'depicts the first explorers from Asia'
1997/05/13: Deep sea caver dies on 'routine' dive in Red Sea
1997/09/10: New creatures are found in holiday island caves
1998/04/25: Caves casino plan angers scientists
1998/07/30: Caver speared on stalagmite saved in 4-hour rescue
1998/12/10: Cave bones are oldest complete skeleton
1998/12/11: Brothers safe after 5 days in DIY ice cave
1999/11/21: Trapped cavers found after 10 days (BBC News)
1999/11/22: Trapped cavers found alive after 10 days
1999/11/23: Rotting chestnuts and sardines kept potholers alive
2000/10/28: Sisters rescued from mine shaft
2000/11/01: Cave paintings may be 'oldest yet'
2004/03/17: Prehistoric Cave Discovery
2004/03/25: British Cavers Wait to be Rescued in Mexico
2004/03/26: Cavers Rescued in Mexico
2006/11/07: Britain's deepest cave "Titan"
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