LUSS Canadian Expedition 1994

Nine members of Lancaster University Speleological Society (LUSS) spent July in the Canadian Rockies searching for new caves. The main party was based in Crowsnest extending Yorkshire Pot and exploring the area. Two reconnaissance teams also attempted to search for caves around Job Lake but terrain and time were against them.

The full expedition report can be found in the Exploration section of the LUSS server.

Below are some of the photographs I took. Click on the icon to retrieve a full-size image.

The team (minus Jeremy, sorry!) The valley towards civilisation! View from the camp in Alberta. Yorkshire Pot is the other side of the col, in British Columbia.
Yorkshire Pot entrance dug open. Lancashire Hot Pot, an excavated but unexplored entrance. Helen and Randy prepare for a rescue of some tourists in Gargantua.

The people, left to right, top to bottom: Ian Benson, Derek Cousins, Shelley Willson, Andrew Brooks, Helen Hamilton, Sean Collins, Ali Garman, Cindy Giblett

Whitegoat Wilderness Area. Camping below the scree slope of doom! Abraham Lake in the distance.


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